Monday, June 3, 2013

Diaper Pail Hack (Don't Buy Those Expensive Bags!)

I have the nose of a basset hound. Able to sense even the slightest odor that whafts through the room. This is great when I'm cooking, but not so great when I have to change diapers. 
Even worse would be having to smell old diapers around the house all day, so I got a diaper pail to keep the odors at bay. That thing is amazing. Once the diapers go in, they are never seen or heard from again. I haven't smelled old diapers once.

The only problem with the diaper pail are the bags. Ten of the little bags are six bucks (that's 60 cents each)! I can think of a lot of other things I could spend $6 on. 3 of my favorite nail polishes, a block of sharp cheddar cheese, or a bowl of lobster bisque at Cafe Zupas...

It didn't seem like very much at first, but it quickly started to add up. (I'm convinced baby products are much like the wedding industry. Anything with the word "baby" in it automatically becomes more expensive.)

I got this idea when I was searching for my precious diaper pail bags for the cheapest price. My search took me to Amazon (they're not any cheaper there) and I found myself reading the comments. I read that a lady just uses regular trash bags and stuffs them in the top. Whattttt? The lightbulb went on, and I knew I had to try it. A few months later, regular trash bags are still working great! My nose is happy and my wallet is, too.

Let me show you how to use them. I'm sure this would work on any diaper pail model that has something at the top you could wrap your trash bag around. 
This is the diaper pail I have. If you have a different style of diaper pail, let me know if it still worked for you in the comments.

Prep: Cut the hard plastic top off your diaper pail refill bag. (If you have the style with the bags all in a round refill pack, you can skip this part)

Get a trash bag. Any old 13 gallon drawstring bag will do. I use these super odor blocking ones. They smell like fresh laundry!

Now wrap the bag around the plastic ring. (details below picture) 

  1. Pull the drawstrings and close the bag 
  2. Pull the top of the bag through the plastic ring
  3. Wrap the bag around the plastic ring. (The bag will kinda come open, and that's okay)
  4. Turn the ring upside down
  5. Tie a single knot in the drawstrings of the trash bag
  6. Ready to install!

Install this modified bag into the diaper pail just like you would a regular refill bag. This style has little plastic knobs that hold the ring of the bag in place. It might take a little extra finagling to keep the trash bag in place, but it's still pretty easy to do. If it's not perfect, who cares! It's only a diaper pail :)

Changing The Bag:

I can tell when the bag is full because
the door starts to pop open.
When the bag is full of diapers, take the hard plastic top out of the pail and unwind the trash bag. 

Pull the drawstrings and tie it shut like you're taking out the trash. Don't throw away the plastic top; save it to wrap a new trash bag around.

You just beat the system! (You don't own me diaper pail man!)  

The Pros: 

  • You save some money and have one less thing to add to your grocery list or worry about running out of. It also holds more diapers so you have to change it less!

The Cons: 

  • You will have to spend an extra 45-60 seconds when changing the bag and the diaper pail company won't make money from overpriced bag sales.

What are some other baby supplies you can't live without?