Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIY Citrus Bath Soak With Free Printable Labels.

I put together a spa gift basket for Mother's Day this year. I wanted to include some bath soak because it's really relaxing and makes your skin super soft. Dry, rough skin comes right off after a soak and a scrub with a pumice stone! So I looked on Pinterest (where else?) for a recipe. All of them required essential oils. I have nothing against essential oils, I just didn't want to shell out the cash to buy them. I'm good at being poor, so I came up with something else. Behold, Citrus Bath Soak!
I got the idea from Martha Stewart's scented sugars. She used "aromatic edibles" layered sugar to add some flavor and scent. (Please don't eat these bath salts.) So I tried the same thing with some Epson salt and citrus zest. It worked like a charm!
These make a great gift paired with a pumice stone and are really easy to put together.

You need Epson salts, a citrus fruit and a glass jar.

1. Zest some citrus. I used the zest from half a grapefruit for 2 cups salts.
2. Layer the zest and Epson salts in a glass jar.

3. Let the jar sit with the lid off for a few days until the zest has dried out.
4. Put the lid back on the jar and shake it up. Done!

You could use lemon, lime, grapefruit or even orange zest. It would be fun to experiment with a combination of zests. Try it out!

Click on the picture below for some free simple labels. 
(Link will open a google doc.)